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How do I request a Flyover or Static Display?

To have your patriotic holiday observance or aviation-related event, such as an air show, considered for fly-over or static display support, please follow these steps:

1—The requester, you, need’s to submit a new request via the aerial events website:

2—Once you receive a request number from this site, the requester needs to contact the local FAA Flight Standards District Officer (aka the local FSDO) and submit the DD Form 2535 (this is the form that you’ll get from the aerial events system) to the FSDO for their approval on section IV.

3—Once the FSDO approves the fly over, the requester needs to email the completed DD 2535 to the aerial events team, they do not accept faxes or snail mail. The email address is as follows:

4—Once the SAF/PA team receives the request, they will internally route to determine if the event is eligible or not. If it’s deemed eligible they populate the request in their system for people to volunteer for the event.

5—This is normally where the requester reaches out an organization to see if they will or can support an eligible event. Most organizations will route only after an event is deemed eligible and this can take up to 30-45 days due to how the flying schedules are built.

6—When you have received a SAF approval number and notification that your event is eligible, please contact our public affairs office, with the number and information about the event at

7—If you have any questions please call 208-422-6157

Even though you have received SAF approval, ultimate participation approval is determined by 124th Fighter Wing leadership based on available resources, community relations impact, support in past years and other factors.