PDF line streamlines deployment outprocessing

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  • By GOWEN FIELD, Idaho
  • 124th Fighter Wig

GOWEN FIELD, Idaho (January 11, 2020) – The 124th Force Support Squadron hosted a simulated pre-deployment function line for 30 Airmen from the 124th Fighter Wing, January 11, 2020.

The PDF line ensures personnel are properly equipped with government travel cards, valid identification, dog tags, records of emergency data and other necessary deployment documentation.

“There are things personnelists will require overseas to make sure our Airmen are qualified to enter the country,” said Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Lasher, a member of the 124th FSS and the NCO in charge of the PDF line exercise. “To streamline the deployment process, we check those same things here before they leave the country. It’s the last check completed before the personnel get on the plane.”

In the past, Airmen were required to visit multiple offices to complete extensive paperwork when outprocessing for a deployment. Today, the PDF line is mostly electronic.

“The electronic process reduces the need to go to all of those places because we can do much of the work via a computer,” said Lasher. “Once they begin to rotate through the stations here, the process only takes about 10 minutes.”

Since the electronic process is fairly new, the simulated PDF line gives force support personnel an opportunity to review the work completed by unit deployment managers, become familiar with the new software flow and identify gaps. If individuals and UDMs have properly completed their work ahead of time, the exercise will be successful.

“Our main focus is ensuring our Airmen’s records are correct and complete,” said Senior Master Sgt. Bonnie Davis, a member of the 124th FSS and wing inspection team for the PDF line. “The better we can streamline and improve the process, the more time Airmen will have with their families before they head out the door.”

Maintaining correct and complete records requires a proactive attitude, said Davis. Airmen are encouraged to monitor the AEF Online Portal for errors and make changes when needed, but in the end, the 124th FSS is there to assist.

“We’re here for our Airmen first and foremost,” said Lasher. “We’re here to make the process as pain-free and stress-free as possible and we believe this new system will help.”