Fiscal 2010 State Tuition Assistance continues

  • Published
  • By Capt Tony Vincelli
  • 124WG
Airmen who will spend the upcoming school year attending college can once again rely on the support of the Idaho state legislature and the Idaho Air National Guard.

It's important to remember that this is a year-to-year program, said Senior Master Sgt. Tammy Hughes, state tuition assistance program director.

"It has been funded for 2010; however, it's always possible that it will not be funded in the future. This program should not be considered an entitlement of joining the Air Guard but as an opportunity (for wing members) to further their education which is subject to termination at anytime and without warning."

Payments will be set at $20 per semester hour until funds have been exhausted, Hughes added. If funds are not exhausted then a final disbursement will be made to all students who carried 12 or more credits for two or more semesters. The average reimbursement will be determined at a later date, Hughes said.

Further discussing payments, Hughes noted that payments will be prioritized in the following way:
a. Traditional full-time students in their first term of enlistment
b. All traditional full-time students
c. All traditional part-time students
d. State & Federal Technicians

**Graduate level students are NO LONGER eligible for this program

Academics and attendance will determine student eligibility, as well. Students must be in good standing, both academically and militarily, and grades below C minus will no longer be eligible for STAP, Hughes said.

Other items Hughes stressed include:

3. Applications must include STAP application form, class schedule showing number of semester hours enrolled in and an end of semester grade report. Applications are due at the end of each grading period to the Recruiting Office.

4. To align with the policy of most federal tuition assistance lending programs, effective summer semester, students will be required to turn in an end-of-semester grade report. An unofficial transcript can be obtained from the institution's web site within two weeks of semester ending. Checks will not be issued to students without verification of course completion.

5. The maximum semester reimbursement for tuition is $240.00. Twelve (12) credit hours per semester is the maximum that will be paid an individual each semester. The most total credits an individual may receive STAP for is 130.

Note: The STAP will not affect/reduce any other authorized educational entitlement such as MGIB, SLRP, etc. Program Administrator: SMSgt Tammy Hughes, Recruiting & Retention Superintendent, (208) 422-6118.