New name, same rules for Government Travel Card

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jennifer Murray
  • 124th Wing
The Citibank Travel Card is designed to improve the management and control of government travel. You are authorized to use the card for the necessary and reasonable expenses incurred during periods of official government travel. The amount of cash withdrawal may not exceed $665 (standard card) or $365 (restricted card). When approved by your Supervisor, a request to increase your ATM limit can be sent to the Finance Office. But remember, charge expenses to the travel card whenever feasible rather than using cash withdrawals.

Understand the issuance of the travel card is an extension of the relationship you have with the Federal Government and that you are specifically directed to:

- Obtain cash withdrawals no earlier than 5 working days before the scheduled departure date and no later than the completion of travel.

- Use this travel card only for those necessary and reasonable expenses incurred by you for official travel. This is not a card for personal use.

- File your travel voucher within five working days of your return so your card can be paid off through mandatory split disbursement of the travel voucher.

- Pay any excess charges that are not covered by the travel voucher.

- If you fail to pay any undisputed charges within 60 days, your card will be suspended and a monthly $29 late fee will be charged to you starting at 75 days since your first purchase.

Understand that failure on your part to abide by these rules or otherwise misuse of the travel card will result in notification to your Commander and potential disciplinary action.

Acknowledge the right of Citibank or the Idaho Air National Guard to revoke or suspend your travel card privileges if you fail to abide by the terms of this travel card. Finally, please notify Citibank and your Finance Office if your card is lost, stolen or any charges show up on your card that you dispute.

If you would like to view your transaction history 24 hours a day and make no-fee payments online, just logon to: after you receive your first statement and click on "Self registration for cardholders" under "First time users".