Gain HQ Staff Experience with a State Force Development Tour

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Rob Lyons
  • Idaho Air National Guard Office of Professional Development
We have an excellent career growth opportunity for one officer (Lieutenant Colonel or senior Major) and one enlisted member (Master Sergeant or Senior Master Sergeant) to participate in the State Force Development Statutory Tour Program. The program goal is to have 54 Statutory Tour positions filled with candidates identified by the states for force development.  A developmental assignment will afford members opportunities to gain staff experience at the MAJCOM, HAF, or Combatant Command level.  Statutory Tour Force Development Teams will place the individuals against current/projected vacancies.  There is no guarantee for award of joint credit or location of assignment.  The state will determine the tour length of between one and two years as well as the start and end dates. Candidates will not be required to compete through the normal Military Vacancy Announcement process as outlined in ANGI 36‐6. This process will be facilitated by the NGB/HR.  NGB/HR and NGB/CF will have right of refusal for any nominee.  A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) will be signed by the state TAG, the member, and NGB outlining the specifics concerning the assignment. Each position is a one year tour (with an option for a second year depending on state and/or ANGRC leadership needs) at the Air National Guard Readiness Center at Joint Base Andrews.  They are PCS authorized and considered STAT TOUR (Title-10) assignments.   Selected candidates must be able to meet all requirements to be placed on a Title 10 Stat Tour assignment ( We expect that the individuals selected for these positions will be in place by October 2014. JFHQ will work with the Readiness Center to coordinate assignments that are desirable and best fits the needs of all parties involved. Interested candidates should submit a package through their Command channels to JFHQ/DS that includes the following: ·       RIP
·       Current passing fitness assessment score
·       Resume
·       Letter of Intent from the individual expressing reason and desire for attending
·       Commander endorsement letter To be considered for these assignments, packages must be submitted by COB Sunday, June 8th, 2014.  There will not be interviews for these positions; candidates will be selected based solely upon the quality of the materials submitted as part of the packages. Respectfully, ROB LYONS, CMSGT
Professional Development
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