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  • The dog and pony show; IDANG DPH's have alternative means to help Airmen

    Dr. Judy Hafner, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Kelly Souder, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, are the directors of psychological health for the 124th Fighter Wing. Together, they are offering an alternative means to therapy and psychological health by breaking down barriers and

  • IDANG siblings work side-by-side in the 124th Medical Group

    Staff Sgt. Mason Allen and his sister, Staff Sgt. Camas Villafana, were both responsible for each other’s decisions to become Idaho National Guardsmen. Allen, who was the first to join the military, chose to enlist in the active duty Air Force in 2014. He then influenced his sister’s decision to

  • A day in the life of an A-10 fighter pilot

    GOWEN FIELD, Idaho – Spend a day flying with Capt. Mike Shufeldt, one of the Idaho National Guard's A-10 Thunderbolt II pilots, and feel firsthand what it is like to be an A-10 fighter pilot.

  • Invaluable training for Idaho TACPs

    During the 116th Cavs' rotation at the NTC – running 24-hour operations May 24 through June 20, 2019 – the 124th Air Support Operations Squadron TACPs were able to embed and practice calling in close air support from the 190th Fighter Squadron’s A-10 Thunderbolt IIs for the Soldiers on the ground.

  • You got your go

    “I think I didn’t get it,” said Master Sgt. Douglas Brock, a tactical air control party craftsman assigned to the 124th Air Support Operations Squadron in Boise, Idaho. “I didn’t get my look and this is going to have to happen all over again. I’m going to recycle.”Brock was almost to the end of his

  • Diversity inclusion creates winning organizations

    The Idaho National Guard hosted a Joint Diversity Executive Council conference on April 30 in Boise to address the importance of diversity inclusion in the workplace. Key military and civil leaders from 14 states, one territory and the National Guard discussed solutions for stopping discrimination

  • A Pile of hope for Idaho’s youth

    The NCO in charge of the 124th Force Support Squadron Services Flight dedicates his time to creating welcoming environments for people around him because he believes in building bridges between colleagues and those in need.