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  • Help restore a piece of wing history

    The Idaho Military History Museum's latest addition brings an important piece of the 124th Fighter Wing's History - and a need for volunteers along with it.Located at the Idaho Military History Museum just west of Gowen Field, the F-86A Sabre Jet  hasn't flown over Idaho skies in nearly a half

  • 124th Services Flight chefs compete in annual Iron Chef Competition

    Taking a cue from the now famous TV show, Iron Chef, the Services Flight from the 124th Force Support Squadron will hold its 4th annual team competition to see "whose cuisine reigns supreme." This year's competition will pit Team France against Team Louisiana in head -to- head competition.Each year,

  • Just Hang Up and Drive

    It is all too common to hear of people on the highways being distracted while driving. Whether it is texting or talking on the cell phone or one of the many other distractions, there are instances of accidents because of distracted driving and they are increasing.More than a million vehicles are on

  • Next Yellow Ribbon event coming Aug. 14

    The next Idaho Air Guard Yellow Ribbon event that provides valuable resources and information for past and future deployed members and their families is set for Aug. 14. The upcoming event is designed to be a post-deployment 30/60 day Yellow Ribbon Event with a Pre-Deployment Breakout. This

  • Want to teach? Join Troops to Teachers!

    Are you interested in teaching Elementary or Secondary Education? Do you have a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited institution? Do you have 10 or more years of creditable service towards retirement? Would you extend or commit to serving an additional 3 years in the Selected Reserve or