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124th Aircraft Maintenance

About 150 members strong, the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron is responsible for the delivery of safe, reliable aircraft to the 190th Fighter Squadron. The unit is primarily an on-equipment maintenance organization, which possesses the people, aircraft, and equipment to meet sortie requirements. The Aircraft Maintenance Squadron is primarily responsible for the launch, service, on-equipment repair, inspection, and recovery of primary mission aircraft. The squadron is organized into sortie generation, weapons, and support flights.

124th Air Support Ops

The 124th Air Support Operations Squadron's mission is to provide forward air controllers in support of front line Army maneuver units to coordinate and control close air support missions of the Air Force and joint forces in support of the ground battle. Air Liaison Officers provide coordination between Army command posts at all levels and Air Force and joint force command centers. They also support the needs of the community by providing people and resources for ongoing and emergency services, including disaster relief, and search and rescue.

124th Civil Engineer

The Civil Engineering Squadron is prepared to deploy within 28 hours, to provide engineering forces to support regional conflict missions, and to provide support for pre-attack, post-attack and passive defense measures. Engineering personnel include craftsmen, engineering officers and firefighters. CES will provide initial bed down support at a bare base, forward operations or follow-on sustainment for contingencies. In order to operate, participation in exercises are important; CES firefighters and command personnel participated in local Mass Casualties Exercise with a number of local civilian first responders.

124th Communications Flight

The mission of the 124th Communications Flight is to provide combat-ready, reliable and relevant, command and control, communication, and computer systems, to the 124th Fighter Wing, including three geographically separated squadrons, and Joint Force Headquarters. Maintain combat-ready forces to deploy in support of the State of Idaho, National Guard, Air Force, and JCS takings. Provide communications and computer services to Idaho Army National Guard and other tenant organizations and services.

124th Maintenance Ops Flight

The 124th Maintenance Squadron provides support to the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron sortie production and depth to sustain maintenance effectiveness. While aircraft generation focuses primarily on on-equipment maintenance, the maintenance squadron deals mostly with off-equipment and specialized component repair. Personnel in aircraft maintenance are dedicated to delivering combat-ready A-10 aircraft for the purpose of meeting all regular mission requirements at home and contingency operations at deployed locations.

124th Logistics Readiness

The 124th Logistics Squadron supplies the wing with fully trained personnel to ensure spare parts, equipment, fuel, vehicles, transportation, and contract services are delivered to the right people at the right place and on time to meet the wartime taskings and peacetime needs of the nation and the state of Idaho.

The mission of the logistics squadron is to improve mission support by providing outstanding logistical service through a customer focused environment.

124th Medical Group

The medical squadron's peacetime mission is to safely and effectively train health care personnel, promote health and well-being, and ensure that wing members are capable of performing worldwide duty. 

In addition, the unit provides medical support for an Air Reserve Component operational mission with a population of more than 1000 members. That support includes physical exams, immunizations, bioenvironmental/military public health, triage, trauma care, and stabilization for movement to a medical treatment facility. 

The medical squadron provides clinical nursing services, administrators, lab and x-ray services, a pharmacy, and physical therapy and dental services. 

As a community service, they annually perform physical exams on children as part of the Head Start program, and each year have found some children with significant medical issues that had not been previously diagnosed.

124th Operations Support

The 124th Operations Support Squadron supports the 190th Fighter Squadron to maintain combat-ready status in the A-10 aircraft. The unit is capable of worldwide deployment in order to execute the missions of air interdiction, combat search and rescue, close air support, and tactical airlift. The weapons and tactics shop ensures that critical weapons resources are provided to both flying squadrons to meet their high operations tempo during both peacetime training and wartime tasking. 

The Intelligence Flight is responsible for intelligence support of the wing commander, staff, and operations personnel, providing important information on current orders of battle, potential threat systems and world situation hot spots. In addition, "Intel" conducts academic training for aircrews in preparation and practice for worldwide deployment.

124th Security Forces

The mission of the 124th Security Forces Squadron is to train for installation and weapons systems security vital to the protection of all the resources located at Gowen Field. Once deployed, the SFS provides weapon systems security for alert non-nuclear aircraft and air base ground defense at main operating bases or collocated operating bases. In recent years, members of the 124th SFS have deployed to locations worldwide, including Al Dhafara, United Arab Emirates and Osan AB, South Korea. 

In response to Sept. 11, 2001, every member of the squadron was activated to a full-time status for one year. At the end of that year, they were extended for another year. Squadron members have been rotating in and out of Southwest Asia on 90-day deployments since mid-2002.

124th Fighter Wing

The 124th Fighter Wing Staff is the wing commander's direct staff. Their functions include; Legal, Financial, Safety, Public Affairs, Chapel Corps, Family Support, Command Post, Wing Planning, Equal Opportunity, Administrative and Executive Support.

266th Range

The mission of the 266th Range Squadron is to provide tactical aircrews from both the active duty Air Force - from the 366th Air Expeditionary Wing, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho - and the Idaho Air National Guard - from the 124th Wing, Gowen Field, with the most realistic electronic combat training threat environment available. The 266th RANS is tasked to develop, maintain, and operate a simulated hostile electronic threat environment for aircrews to train. 

The squadron's mission also makes it unique within the Air National Guard. Unit members, working at Mountain Home Air Force Base and at three remote sites, operate and maintain electronic threat emitters, used to provide tactical pilots and aircrews with more than 100 realistic electronic threat scenarios and to test airborne electronic warfare systems.

124th Services Flight

The mission of the 124th Services Flight is to provide skilled personnel and operate quality facilities to sustain food service, lodging, mortuary affairs and related services in support of the 124th Wing and all aerospace power in peace and war.

124th Mission Support

The 124th Mission Support Flight provides personnel and educational support for all undertakings - both routine and extraordinary - of the 124th Wing. Personnel in the MSF maintain and process documentation for many wing members, from recruiting and retention to education, awards, and training. The MSF offers administration of the family support program and assistance with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve program. Their accomplishments are countless, as there is no activity, deployment, exercise or training that is not directly or indirectly supported by the 124th MSF.