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  • Missing in Idaho - A lost hiker training scenario

    The Idaho Air National Guard’s 124th Air Support Operations Squadron is called for assistance with local northern Idaho search and rescue teams for a scenario
  • A Pile of hope for Idaho’s youth

    The NCO in charge of the 124th Force Support Squadron Services Flight dedicates his time to creating welcoming environments for people around him because he believes in building bridges between colleagues and those in need.
  • Services: More than just food

    More than a dozen members of the 124th Force Support Squadron Services Flight here conducted a search and recovery exercise south of Gowen Field, Idaho, Sept. 7, 2018.
  • Ammo Airman fosters community in gym, Air Guard

    Airman 1st Class Isaac M. Campbell, a munitions systems apprentice in the 124th Maintenance Squadron here, practices and coaches CrossFit because it promotes a sense of community and hard work.
  • From Thunderbird to Thunderbolt

    People throughout the Treasure Valley fixed their eyes into the sky as a group of F-16 Fighting Falcons boomed across the valley showing off their skill and making noise to let the community know that the United States Air Force Thunderbirds were here for the Gowen Thunder Open House and Airshow.
  • I am an American Airman: Wingman, leader, warrior

    A sneek-peek into the new NCO Enrichment Course Thirty noncommissioned officers, nominated by their Idaho Air Guard commanders and chiefs, spent a week getting hand-on experience in effective leadership techniques, improving the communication process and conducting a self-assessment at the NCO Enrichment course at Gowen Field in Boise, Idaho May
  • Logistics Readiness Squadron features an "open house"

    GOWEN FIELD, Idaho - It was not your typical "open house" where you would find property for sale. Instead, the Logistics Readiness Squadron's goal was to showcase their customer-focused services and logistical support for the 124th Fighter Wing's over-all mission.Thursday morning, June 13, a group of Guardsmen gathered at Gowen Field's base supply
  • Make your vote count

    The November 6th general election is just around the corner. Act NOW to make sure that you will have an opportunity to have your vote counted. Don't wait until it's too late!If you have not requested your absentee ballot for the 2012 general election, you should do so immediately. Go to FVAP.gov, select "Get Started" and "Register to vote/Request
  • Idaho National Guard uses combat equipment in support of state fire emergencies

    8/31/2012 - Boise, Idaho - As more than 450,000 acres of Idaho's wilderness was on fire by the end of August, Joint Task Force Commander Maj. Dennis Stitt and his guardsmen, have discovered a unique way to use a satellite system locally for the fire missions. A more efficient military was ready to respond, armed with the communication and tracking
  • A win-win: new food service contract good for all involved

    April, May and June were dark days at the dining facility. The five-year lunch service contract on drill weekends had run out. Initially set to expire in October 2011, the contract was extended six months to get the wing through the hustle and bustle of the Operational Readiness Inspection without having to worry about training a new contractor on