Your records are going online

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The Military Personnel Data System is set to go online in early December. During the transition period, which could last three weeks or more, some non-critical pay actions will be delayed until the completion of the migration, so it is highly recommended that you complete those non-critical actions prior to Nov. 15. During the planned migration, critical-pay transactions are being
defined as those that affect the start or stop of basic military pay and entitlements. All other items affecting other pay transactions (i.e., promotions, special duty assignment pay, medical special pay, foreign language proficiency pay, etc.) will be processed for pay before the beginning or updated after the completion of the upgrade period. Listed below are the personnel
programs/actions that will be a point of emphasis to manage during the migration period:
· Accessions - Enlisted/Officer
· Casualty Reporting
· Retention
· Retirement
· Separations, Discharges
Self-service applications within virtual Personnel Center - Guard Reserve (vPC-GR) will be available during the transition, however all data will reflect information current as of the last day before the upgrade period. Please contact customer service at 422-6719 or visit the Air Reserve
Personnel Center's website at for more information. MilPDS is the primary records database for personnel data and actions thatoccur throughout every Airman's career. MilPDS is also used to initiate pay actions, maintain accountability and strength data and support a host of interactions with other Air Force/ANG processes and systems that rely on personnel data.