• Published
  • By Lt. Col. Gary Daniel
  • 124 Fighter Wing
MXG, Munitions shine in successful retake

Wing's combat readiness is official once more with positive reports in all areas that participated in the Operational Readiness Inspection retake April 13-17.

"We're fully combat ready and looking forward to our next challenges," said Col. James R. Compton, commander.

The entire 124th Maintenance Group participated in the Operational Readiness Inspection retake and exceeded the standards required for aircraft generation and ordinance preparation. The wing completed many of the preparations to deploy as it did in October and the Installation Control Center team carried out predeployment plans.

The wing has validated its overall readiness to employ for combat anywhere at anytime. The Air Combat Command Inspector General rated the maintenance group's ability to generate aircraft for combat as excellent.

They accepted twelve aircraft-- nine of the twelve had zero defects; the best 124th Fighter Wing ORE/ORI performance to date, according to Maj. Eric Newman, 124th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Commander.

The IG team also rated the work of munitions (Ammo) flight personnel as excellent.

"The Ammo troops and their immediate supervisors put in countless hours and weekends in the six months between the two ORIs," said Lt. Col. Andrew Logan, 124th Maintenance Squadron Commander.

"Incredible Teamwork was the strength to our success," said Col. Brad Richy, wing vice commander. "Our senior-NCOs, NCOs, and Airmen executed the plan with dedication, pride, and professionalism."

ACC/IG team superintendent Command Chief Master Sgt. Thomas Schwenk observed the wing along with the team.

"There was a positive attitude demonstrated by the whole organization --despite the pressure of a re-inspection," Chief Schwenk said. "Especially noteworthy were the maintainers on the flight line. The dedication of the team to make things happen is very impressive," he said.

The 124th Fighter Wing now begins preparations for the Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health Compliance Assessment and Management Program, known as ESOHCAMP, which validates our unit's compliance of Air Force, state and federal regulations and is scheduled for the fall.