Suicide Prevention: Be there, talk about it, get involved

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Michael Brooks
  • 124th Wing Public Affairs
The Suicide Intervention briefing provides a forum for information, communication, contact numbers, and referrals. Suicide prevention/intervention training brings awareness of the issue to the wing members both as individuals and as state citizens. The training is designed to do either or both of the following actions. It may encourage individuals to get help if needed, or it may encourage the guardsman to help someone they know.

Some f a c t s to remember are a s follows:
- Suicide is a reality
- Suicides. attempted suicides affect everyone
- Nearly everyone knows someone that has attempted or committed suicide
- Suicidal thoughts are difficult for people to talk about

People only seriously consider suicide when they are in extreme emotional pain.
When they get to that point, they often talk to others in veiled ways about their pain or death. That is the point where you can intervene. Ask them about their pain. Ask them if they are considering suicide. If they are, get them help. Asking the question and getting them help may save their life.

So remember information and communication is the key. Ask the question, save a life.