Financial resources you can use

GOWEN FIELD, Boise, Idaho -- Do financial worries seem to be getting you down? Do you ever wonder where and how to start making better financial decisions?Let the Motley Fool website help you. It has great educational tools to assist in basic questions and answers as well as links to spreadsheets to better assist you with your personal finances.

In economic times like this, it could be a great tool for everyone to look at and see how we can be more financially responsible.

In case you are not completely familiar with the resources available to you through your membership in the Air National Guard, you may want to peruse these websites as well.

Go here for FAQs on finances in the military:

This covers questions like, "How many days of R&R did I earn on my deployment?" And, "I am a reservist, why don't I get reimbursed for driving to UTA?"

Free tax service for military members:

How you can save for retirement with UTA and AT income:

Utilize your tools on the web for financial freedom!