Not another New Year’s resolution

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt, Damian Rodriguez
  • 124th Medical Group
Yes, it's that time again for another new year's resolution. The beginning of 2009 brings a resolution to make positive changes for a better and healthier lifestyle. We do this every year, and slowly the resolution gets pushed back to the bottom of our personal priority list. But wait! We know that this year is going to be different, because we're going to do it differently.

Instead of making one "can't reach" goal, we are going to plan on something within reach and something much easier. Instead of losing weight and exercising more, we are going to do one small, healthy thing for ourselves every day. Simple things like:
· Getting up a half-hour earlier - this will make the morning less stressful.
· Eat breakfast.
· Have a turkey sandwich - it's much healthier than a meatball sub with cheese.
· Drink low-fat milk - avoid whole milk.
· Take a walk during your morning or afternoon coffee break.
· Lastly, turn off the TV - spend the evening doing something physical around the house.

By doing just one healthy thing everyday, you'll start a routine and energy to keep going. Resolution or change doesn't happen overnight, but little changes or one thing a day could add up to a major overhaul by the end of the year. Who knows maybe our 2010 New Year's resolution will be to run five miles a day? Could happen...