Public Health Prevention Tip: Water quality monitoring reveals high bacteria count in Lucky Peak Reservoir at Robie Creek Beach

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  • Idaho Dept. of Environmental Quality
Water quality monitoring by the US Army Corps of Engineers has identified E. coli bacteria levels at Robie Creek Beach that exceed the level considered safe for public swimming beaches. Robie Creek Beach is in the Mores Creek arm of Lucky Peak Reservoir.

Excess levels of E. coli indicate the presence of human or animal waste and that pathogenic microorganisms may be present, which pose a threat to public health. If ingested, these microorganisms can cause diarrhea, fever, and vomiting, particularly in infants, small children, and the elderly. The source of bacteria is unknown at this time.

To be safe, DEQ recommends avoiding any activity that may result in ingesting reservoir water at the Robie Creek Beach recreational area until further notice. These activities include swimming and wading in the water.

A sign has been posted at the beach by the US Army Corps of Engineers to alert swimmers regarding the potential of becoming ill from incidental ingestion of water. DEQ will be conducting follow-up and routine monitoring to assess bacteria levels.

Consider Macks Creek or Barclay Bay in Lucky Peak Reservoir as alternative recreation sites. For a map of the area, visit

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