Toy Show - Wheels not required

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Sarah Pokorney
  • 124th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Each Family Appreciation Day, the Toy Show gives Idaho Air National Guard members and their families the opportunity to show off their hobbies and interests.

Classic cars, mudding trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, RC planes, and even a working jet engine have all been on display at the annual Family Day Toy Show but be fooled, it's not a car show, it's a "Toy" show. The Toy Show gives Idaho Air National Guard members the opportunity to show off their hobbies and interest.

"It's a chance to share your interests are and what you care about with your coworkers," said Tech. Sgt. Greg Slater.

Staff Sgt. Phil Bates and Tech Sgt. Greg Slater, both machinists in the Metals Technology shop, part of the 124th Maintenance Squadron and gearheads in their free time, have helped coordinate the Toy Show event for 12 years. Slater enjoys putting new life into old cars. He has a passion for Volkswagens and has brought his rare, 23-window bus, to the show in years past. Bates, a junkie for anything with wheels or an engine, has brought many motorcycles, a bicycle, a mini truck, and is considering bringing in something with wings this year.

"It's not just for cars, if you are into woodworking bring it in," said Sergeant Bates.

All projects are welcome, no matter the hobby or the condition. Even if you have to push, pull, or drag it in. You can come and go as you please. No need to showcase for the full event. Both Bates and Slater want the event to be relaxed and everyone to feel welcome.

"It's not about competition, it's about creating conversations," said Sergeant Slater.

Many people in the maintenance squadron and all over base are interested in cars so there was a lot of interest in starting a car show at Family Day. Lt. Col. Mike DeMeyer, retired, had the larger vision of starting the Toy Show more than 12 years ago. At the last family day the show had more than 60 people showcase their toys, the largest turnout ever.

"There are a lot of tinkerers out here and it's fun to see them come out and find out more about them," said Sergeant Slater.

"One of the coolest things we've seen at the show was an early 1900's electric Car," said Sergeant Slater. "It's not something most people get to see."

As Family Day has an abundance of activities for children, the Toy Show has proven to keep both the kids and adults engaged. If you'd like to show off your "toy" at the upcoming Family Day Toy Show call or text Sergeant Bates at 208-891-2379.